The Abdelmalek Essaadi University

The Abdelmalek Essaadi University is one of the fourteen universities in Morocco and has achieved consistently high scores for its teaching and learning activities. The University offers first-rate opportunities and facilities for study and research, and provides a stimulating working environment. The University currently has four High School and seven Faculties.

The Faculty of Sciences and Technics of  Tangier

The Faculty of Sciences and Technics of  Tangier (FSTT) was established in 1995,Include more than thirty programs  dividing in fours Cycle of engineer and nine Department : as Department of Biology, Geology , Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Mechanics and Electrics, and with a group of 151 Professors Today FST of  Tangier  be one of most important Moroccan Faculties especially with its  high quality formations.

IEEE Abdelmalek Essaadi Student Branches

IEEE ABDELMALEK ESSAADI  STUDENT BRANCHES, established in June 2009, our IEEE SB is focused on both social and technical aspects. As including extensive technical projects which give an excellent opportunity to apply engineering theory, as well as expose oneself to situations which are normally not encountered in traditional courses. And fostering connections with the leading corporations in engineering fields.

What’s the IEEE?

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world's largest technical professional society. Founded in 1884 by a handful of practitioners of the new electrical engineering discipline, today's Institute is comprised of more than 365,000 members who conduct and participate in its activities in 152 countries. The men and women of the IEEE are the technical and scientific professionals making the revolutionary engineering advances which are reshaping our world today.

The technical objectives of the IEEE focus on advancing the theory and practice of electrical, electronics and computer engineering and computer science. To realize these objectives, the IEEE sponsors technical conferences, symposia and local meetings worldwide: publishes nearly one third of the world's technical papers in electrical engineering, computer science and electronics. IEEE journals are consistently among the most highly cited in electrical and electronics engineering, telecommunications and other technical fields.

The IEEE is a leading developer of international standards that underpin many of today's telecommunications, information technology and power generation products and services. Often the central source for standardization in a broad range of emerging technologies, the IEEE Standards Association has a portfolio of some 900 active standards and more than 400 standards in development. This includes the prominent IEEE 802® standards for wireless networking.

The purpose of all these activities is two fold:
- To enhance the quality of life for all peoples through improved public awareness of the influences and applications of its technologies;
- To advance the standing of the engineering profession and its members.























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